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American Range'sl gas griddle designed for performance and durability. Each griddle has four "U"-shaped burners, a 3" stainless steel splash guard, a 3.5" wide grease trough, and a large grease pan. With a stainless steel outer and polished steel griddle plates, the unit sits on 4" adjustable-height legs.


  1. Made in the USA
  2. Natural gas or liquid propane
  3. Stainless Steel rugged exterior
  4. 0.75" thick, highly polished steel griddle plates
  5. One burner for every 12” of griddle surface
  6. 21" Standard cooking depth
  7. Stainless Steel standing pilots for instant ignition
  8. 3.5" wide Stainless Steel grease trough and a large grease pan
  9. 4" adjustable height legs included

American Range Range Griddles

Excluding GST/HST
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