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IBeeCool Refrigerated Sandwich Tables
IBeeCool Refrigeration


Prices From: 2395$

IBeeCool Refrigerated Salad Tables


Standard Features

  • Stainless steel interior and exterior, aluminum back

  • Refrigeration system keeps food at safe temperatures between 33℉ and 41℉ (0.5℃ to 5℃)

  • Self-Closing doors with 90 degree stay-open feature

  • Shelves: Adjustable heavy-duty PVC coated shelves

  • Electronic control system makes it easy to adjust temperature set point and defrost frequency.

  • Preinstalled heavy-duty casters with brakes.

  • Removable installation board makes it easy to access condenser coil for cleaning and service.

  • These units use HYDRO-CARBON R290 refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly and more efficient than R134a/R404a refrigerant.

  • High-quality Secop compressor


  • 2 year parts and labour warranty. Five year warranty on the compressor parts.

IBeeCool Warranty
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